Prestigious Rome

Suite Napoleone III

Situated in the heart of historical Rome, only two minutes walk from the Spanish Steps, in an ancient roman Palazzo of the XVI century.

The suite Napoleone III, where the future emperor lived in 1830, was opened to guests in January 2002, mental health recovery stories after an extensive restoration returned its furnishing and massive oil paintings worthy of their epic settings.

Enter the Palazzo through wooden doors, pass an arcade of Doric columns and display of invokana lawsuit first-century artifacts excaved on-site, and climb the marble steps, produit pour faire pousser les cils, framed by illuminated marble busts of roman emperors, to the entrance of the Suite.

The Suite Napoleone III, offers two photography singapore large reception rooms and a large bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette and pouderoom.

The suite offers modern conveniences like air conditioning, agen sbobet terpercaya satellite tv and video recorder, cordless-phone, hi-fi stereo, minibar, room maid service.


For information and reservations:

Tel. +39 - (0) 347 - 7337098

Tel & fax + 39 - 06 - 68808083


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